About me

My Vision

I believe that you can determine the course of your life.

How will you look back at your life when you are 80 years old? What will you regret? Time is passing and will not come back, so decide what you want, take action and make  your life a masterpiece. 

You have the possibility by learning a skillset and making the right choices to take ownership of your future.

You already have the power within you!

My life story

Born in Holland, left to Italy leaving everything behind, and following my dreams…

I was born and raised in Holland and had one big dream, becoming a professional football player. Everything had to make place for my dream and after allot of sacrifices and hard work I signed my first professional contract at the age of 16 with my hometown team Go-Ahead Eagles. After a career of 10 years in the Dutch First Division and over 250 official games played for Go-Ahead Eagles, Cambuur Leeuwarden and FC Kaernten (Austria) I decided to leave everything behind and follow my next dream to live with my Italian girlfriend in Italy.

I left all my securities behind me and found a team in Italy. I’ve played for ten years as a professional, but got interested in other things like the power of the mind, mindset and motivation.

I always lived for my profession and was very lucky to be able to do everyday what i love, but I also got to know myself very well and had some serious setbacks.

My life story continues

Priviledged to do what I loved, but searching for solutions…


I’m in my car watching the void in a kind of trance with €5 in my pocket, they are the last I have. The fuel gauge is for a while in red, the fridge is empty, the mortgage and the bills have to be payed, but I don’t have a clue how… Months passed without receiving salary and my savings are dried up. This is the second time that I find myself in a situation like this and I have no idea what the future will bring. Nobody knows about this. I feel ashamed, but one thing is very clear… This has to change! What do I want to make of my life?

I’m searching for solutions. I read books and blogs, watch videos, listen to podcasts, follow courses, and try different things. Launch a magazine, organise group trips to Italy, try to set up online businesses and export wine and olive oil, and do this with complete dedication. I’m searching for freedom and independence. 

I realise that I’ve made my dream come true becoming a professional football player, but also that I always lived in a “survival mode”.

I decide I don’t want to depend on others anymore, to take total responsibility for my life and that I will decide how my future will be.

I choose a direction and found a solution. Everyday I wake up with the the desire to be better than yesterday, I discovered a new passion and found people that share the same ideas and vision.

My name is Koen and I teach people a skillset to take ownership of their future